Finished Projects

Brain study

Installation for interconnected Brain Players

by acoustical Neurofeedback of sonificated EEG-measurements Frankfurt am Main: Hessischer Rundfunk 2001 / Berliner Festspiele 2004

Infamous Perspectives

Experiment // Play // Symposion

Can we see things from the perspective of people and figures whose actions we disapprove of?

Other Sides of Cognition

Habitus in Habitat II

Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung Berlin
in collaboration a.o. with !KF - Institut für künstlerische Forschung (2009)
Publication Bern: Peter Lang 2010


HUM - the Art of Collecting

taxomanic course through the research collections of the Natural History Museum Berlin


Performance-Series on the Hermeneutics of Metaphor:

But now for the profound truth maybe...
concert performance 2003

I do a lot of things that I don't do and I don't do some things that I do do, but not always
salon performance with an embedded lecture by Hayden White 2005

So actually I was being you the whole time and I didn't even know
performance installation 2006


Reality and Relativity of the Aesthetic

research group "Relativity" at the Young Academy Publication Berlin: Theater der Zeit 2009

participants and objectives - 8 takes on filming music

Installation at Humboldt Lab Berlin, Museum for Ethnology

Daniel Kötter recomposes and stages material from the video archive of the music ethnology collection. raumlaborberlin has designed eight observer situations to accompany the films

Brain Tuning

Tuning the Brain for Music

an international collaboration investigating the processing of music in the brain

Languages of Emotion

the Development of Emotions

in Zusammenarbeit u.a. mit dem Exzellenzcluster "Languages of Emotion" der Freien Universität Berlin (seit 2008)

Do birds tango?

Biological origins of rhythm as a carrier of emotions

Analysis of rhythm in song and dance of birds in different affective contexts using perspectives from linguistics, musicology and movement studies: do affective sequential motor behaviors share structural determinants?


Aesthetic Modulation of affective Valence

Why are we able to enjoy negative emotions? An interdisciplinary research group of psychologists, film and literature scholars and artists conducts experiments on the joy of aversion.

Grooving Factory

Bottleneck Control through Sonificiation of Logistic Data

at Jacobs University Bremen (as of 2006)



on architectural and urban conditions for theatre possibilities by Constanze Fischbeck and Daniel Kötter