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about Artistic Research

What is Artistic Research?
original in Gegenworte 23:24-28 (2010)
english in Research Catalogue (2011)

Artistic Research Does Not Exist – and how she managed not to be afraid
original in: A.-S. Jürgens, T. Tesche (Eds.): LaborARTorium. Bielefeld: transcript 2015, pp. 43–50.
Research Catalogue (2016)

The Mode Is The Method – or How Research Can Become Artistic
in: Daniela Jobertová: Artistic Research – Is There Some Method? Academy of Performing Arts: Prag 2018

about Aesthetic Relativity

The other Side of the Frame. Artistic experience as Felt Framing
Towards the Relativity Theory of Aesthetics.
in: Flach, S., Söffner, J. (Hg.): Habitus in Habitat II – Other Sides of Cognition, Peter Lang Verlag Bern 2010

about Aesthetics and Psychology of Emotion

Valentin Wagner, Julian Klein, Julian Hanich, Mira Shah, Winfried Menninghaus, Thomas Jacobsen
Anger Framed: A Field Study on Emotion, Pleasure, and Art
Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts, Dec 14, 2015

about Neuroaesthetics of Music

Julian Klein / Thomas Jacobsen
Music is not a Language: Re-interpreting empirical evidence of musical ‘syntax’
2008-2012, Research Catalogue 2014

Mira Müller, Julian Klein, Thomas Jacobsen
Beyond Demand: Investigating Spontaneous Evaluation of Chord Progressions with the Affective Priming Paradigm

Music Perception
Vol. 29, No. 1 (2011), 93-108

about „staats-theater“

Daniel Kötter / Constanze Fischbeck
Journal for Artistic Research 0 (2011)

about „Grooving Factory“

Katja Windt / Michael Iber / Julian Klein
Grooving Factory – bottleneck control in production logistics
through auditory display
Step 1: strategies of data mapping.