Current Projects

Hans Schleif

Deutsches Theater Berlin

research about a grandfather - with Matthias Neukirch

Languages of Emotion

the Development of Emotions

in Zusammenarbeit u.a. mit dem Exzellenzcluster "Languages of Emotion" der Freien Universität Berlin (seit 2008)

Do birds tango?

Biological origins of rhythm as a carrier of emotions

Analysis of rhythm in song and dance of birds in different affective contexts using perspectives from linguistics, musicology and movement studies: do affective sequential motor behaviors share structural determinants?


Aesthetic Modulation of affective Valence

Why are we able to enjoy negative emotions? An interdisciplinary research group of psychologists, film and literature scholars and artists conducts experiments on the joy of aversion.

Journal for Artistic Research

Founding Member of the Society for Artistic Research

Member of the Editorial Board: Julian Klein (!KF director)