JAR 12

Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)
The online, peer-reviewed journal for the publication and discussion of artistic research.
JAR is open-access, free to read, and to contribute.
We are very proud to announce our twelfth issue with the following contributions:

Cécile Colle and Ralf Nuhn (FR), ’cONcErn: towards a mesology of art, for art, and through art’; Anik Fournier (NL), ‘Rudimentariness: a concept for artistic research’; Joe Graham, Steven Dickie and Chantal Faust (UK), ‘ANCHORAGE: a phenomenology of outline’; Lisa Stuckey (AT), ‘Haunted by last season’s video letters: amateur films performing spectrality’; Jan Schacher and Patrick Neff (CH), ‘Moving through the double vortex’.

Keywords include: amateur film-making, spectrality, mesology, conceptual art, touch, sensate thinking, drawing research, phenomenology, corporeality, interdependence, performance.

Have a look at the full issue here.

The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) is an international, online, Open Access and peer-reviewed journal that disseminates artistic research from all disciplines. JAR invites the ever-increasing number of artistic researchers to partake in (and reinvent) what for the sciences and humanities are standard academic publication procedures. It serves as a meeting point of diverse practices and methodologies in a field that has become a worldwide movement with many local activities. The journal promotes experimental approaches to both writing and reading research. We welcome submissions from across and between disciplines, from artists worldwide, with or without academic affiliation

Editor in Chief: Michael Schwab
Editorial Board: Annette Arlander, Sher Doruff, Barnaby Drabble, Mika Elo, Leonella Grasso Caprioli, Yara Guasque, Julian Klein, Jen Liese, Isidro López-Aparicio and Mareli Stolp.
JAR is published by the Society for Artistic Research (SAR), an independent, non-profit association.